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Viking River + Ocean Cruise Photo / Video Contest

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If you have photos and videos of the Viking River & Ocean Cruise, you can enter this contest - each month will give a winning entry of $100-$200 (Future Cruise Certificate) + a chance to win a $500-$1000 year-end grand prize.

Viking River + Ocean Cruise Photo / Video Contest

eHome Travel believes that every trip will leave a unique, beautiful and unforgettable memory. It is with this inspiration that we have held this Viking Cruises Photo/Video Contest. Simply share photos/videos of your enjoyable trip on Viking Cruise on our Facebook page (Viking Cruise Stories) for a chance to win $500-1000 worth of prizes!

The bonuses are as follows:
Submit a photo: Selected as the most outstanding one on our Facebook page
The Viking OBC 100 CAD < needs to be used within 6 months >

Submit a video clip (with narration): Selected as the most outstanding on
The < Viking OBC $200 is required within 6 months>

Year-end Prizes – to be announced on 31 December 2024 :
Photo winner (1 winner) – Viking FCC $500
Video Winner (1 person) – Viking FCC $1000

Competition Procedure/Schedule: Officially starts on the 2nd day of each month and ends on the last day of the month. eHome Travel / Viking Cruises reserves the right to remove any “unqualified photos” that do not fit the theme of the competition.

Here are the rules of the contest:

Get out your camera and smartphone to capture your precious Viking Cruise moments. Whether it’s a beautiful scenery or a celebratory moment from a ship, we want to see it, but make sure the photos are themed around the Viking cruise ship and the people.

Submit your photos on our Facebook Page to share your best photos with us. If applicable, please provide a brief description.

Remember, the theme of the contest is to capture beautiful moments on a Viking cruise ship. Share with us your happy moments and information on the cruise. Let more people share your unforgettable journey!

May the most captivating Viking River + Ocean Cruise photos win!

Your qualified photos/videos will posted on our
Viking Cruise Stories Facebook Group Page

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